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 Transformative Journeys India

Psychotherapeutic Travel

Travel for Change 

We design and guide unique journeys in India for those who want an extraordinary travel experience that will open the doors to personal and life changes.  We recognize that travel involves both an outer journey and an inner journey.  Our purpose is to help deepen and enrich both, bringing them together for a powerful and transformative encounter with India. 

our expertise

Daniel Meckel is a psychotherapist and professor of South Asian Studies,  Scott Sater is a photographer, photo-journalist, and co-leader for the tours.  Accompanying us is a seasoned instructor and guide in yoga and meditation.  Together our knowledge of India and experience in leading tours spans more than three decades.

Your experience

Each of our journeys entails yoga and meditation each day, locally guided backstreet explorations, riverside ceremonies of fire and offerings, classical Indian music performances, home visits, temple visits, village stays, special meals and culinary programs, talks on Indian culture, spirituality, and history, group interactions and sharing.

Our Tours
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Sacred Cities 
Yoga Tour

15 days

Journey to the spiritual and cultural heart of yoga in India, moving through ancient pilgrimage centers on the banks of India’s most holy rivers.  This is an intensive and deep dive into  India's yogic traditions.    


Airfare not included


Himalayan Sacred River Trek

18 days

Trek with us into the magnificant Upper Himalayas, following along the sacred river Ganga from ancient pilgrimage towns on the plains through mountain villages and up past the glacial source of this sacred river.


Airfare not included

“The time I spent in India with Dan and Scott changed my life forever ”

- Ali L. 2012

"Scott and Dan are not only two of my favorite people of all times but they are great travel companions who will challenge you to open your heart, pallet and eyes to this new adventure!"

-Liana M, 2008


"This adventure with all of these beautiful souls was a life changing experience for me"
- Courtney S, 2019

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