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Sacred Cites Yoga Tour

Scott Sater


Scott Sater 

Transformative Journeys India Co-Leader &


Trip Photographer 

Scott Sater is a photographer, music educator, and avid trekker of the Indian Himalayas. He is co-founder and co-director of Transformative Journeys India. His passion for mountains, photography, and music weave together in a joyful trio, while co-leading groups along the Sacred River in Northern India. His imagery captures the vibrant blend of Indian culture and topography, as well as our personal encounters in a book to be shared following the trip. 


He enjoys life with Lisa, their three dogs, one cat, and thirty-two hobby farm chickens in the Northern Woods of Minnesota. Re-Creating Life after decades as a professional music educator, Scott is now developing a career in portrait and travel photography, mindful tours to India, and enjoying ongoing music teaching. 


Scott brings a love of people, a joy of travel, and expertise of music & photography to our tours. He has been to India seven times since 1994, and has co-led eight tours in the Indian Himalayas with Daniel Meckel. His Masters Degrees in Music & Education inform his deep appreciation for the classical music of India. His teaching experience guides his insights into engaging group dynamics. And his photography delivers memorable images to tour participants to cherish for a lifetime.

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