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The Himalayan Sacred River Trek

Join us!

On this seventeen-day transformative trekking journey in the midst of the Himalayan Mountains of India.  Explore the Source of the Ganga at Gaumuch, then ascend to Tapovan, 1000 feet above the Gangotri Glacier with views of the Bhagirathi Peaks and the Shivling Massiv. We will trek to a village in the lower Himalayas and learn about life and culture. We visit two sacred cities along India’s most holy rivers with our expert and highly experienced team: a professor of South Asian Studies and psychotherapist, a professional photographer and photo journalist versed in the topography of our tour, and a master yoga trainer and meditation guide, for the tour!

We Invite You!

To immerse yourself in Indian culture and spirituality, and so expand your sense of the world and the possibilities of life through educational talks and walks, ongoing discussion, back-alley explorations, vast ceremonies of devotion, guided visits to temples, palaces, and ashrams, cultural presentations on cuisine, music, architecture, and history.

To open yourself to personal transformation through group engagements, self-exploration, and mindful practices designed to help bring your inner world most fully to the outer flow of this life-changing adventure. 

the journey's Course

We begin our journey in Delhi, the capital city of India, and then travel by train to Haridwar and Rishikesh, where the Holy Ganga - the river goddess -  flows onto the plains.  From there we ascend to Mussoorie with our first trek to the roadless village of Anidasu. We then move to Uttarkashi and experience a temple visit. We continue to the remote pilgrimage city of Gangotri, where our premier trek initiates to Gaumuch (Source of the Ganga) and to the Tapovan Meadow at 15000+ feet.  We descend along mountain roads to Shivpuri, where we celebrate our trip at a resort. We end our time together in the beautiful Haveli Hari Ganga Hotel on the banks of the Ganga, complete with a personal Indian Classical Music Concert. Throughout the tour there are talks on the cultural and spiritual significance of temples and topographical locations, as well as meditation and yoga. Enjoy special meals, programs, cultural events, and growth as a group through our dynamic experiences.

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“The Himalayan Sacred River Tour was the experience of a lifetime! To be able to see the amazing views of the Himalayan mountains, to follow the sacred Ganges river to its source, to partake in Hindu ceremonies/aartis as the sun sets in a busting Indian city, to experience a private sitar concert while dressed in traditional Indian garb -- these are just some of the things I will never forget my trip to India!”

Ben, 2017

“I traveled to India with Dan and Scott in 2012 and it was truly a trip of a lifetime.  I cannot imagine trying to plan a trip or navigate India without these two. Dan and Scott have been to India so many times, they know families there, they know the language, the culture and religion. They know what restaurants are safe to eat at and which ashrams and villages are welcoming. In our time there we did yoga at an ashram, met and chatted with Sanyasis, we hiked the Himalayas, stayed in a tiny mountain village that you cannot get to by road (a prime example of an experience you probably would not get to have without Dan and Scott) and we went to countless temples. But don’t worry, we did not “rough it” it the whole time! We also stayed at nice hotels, went shopping and even dressed up in sarees and attended a classical music performance. The sights you see and the people you meet are truly life changing. India has a way of doing that on its own but Dan and Scott really bring something special. They are knowledgeable and experienced but they are also just great, fun guys! I promise you will learn a lot but you will also laugh a lot! If you are planning a trip to India, do not do it without these two!”

Suzanne, 2012

"Never have I felt more free than when in India. Sitting on the edge of the Ganga river, looking up at the snow-capped Himalayas, I sort of lost myself in the moment while simultaneously finding myself. To experience India is to experience life in all its wonder. I returned having never been more tired or dirty or happy and content. Simply go and you will not be disappointed"

Will, 2018

"This tour is a perspective altering crash course on humanity centered on the legendary river Ganga and the people who love it so.  I absolutely plan to return!”

Dylan, 2017

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