Day 1-Delhi

Arrive in Delhi following your flight from the United States. We will meet and greet as a group, and begin our exciting journey together with an introductory program of orientation. We will stay at one of Delhi’s amazing locations, and prepare for our first journey deeper into India in the morning!

DAYS 2-5: Hardwar and Rishikesh

Travel to Hardwar by Morning Train. For the next four days we will enjoy the incredible and historically significant city of Hardwar, centered on the Ganges River. Our luxurious hotel used to be a summer palace, and has steps leading directly to the river.

DAYS 6-9: Vrindavan

Travel in sleeper car on an overnight train to Vrindavan, the traditional childhood home of Lord Krishna on the banks of the holy Yamuna river.  Vrindavan is a sacred pilgrimage site where we encounter magnificent temples and fascinating ashrams.

DAY 10: Agra

Morning journey by rail to Agra, known for the magnificent Taj Mahal.  We will experience an “inside” look at this deeply cultural city through a guided walking tour. We will not only see the grandeur of the Taj, but explore the back alleyways, visit the people, learn more about art and culture and cuisine directly from the people who live there. Much more than a tourist view, this affords us with an inside experience of this special place.

DAYS 11-14: Varanasi

Travel by night train to Varanasi, situated on the banks of the Holy Ganga.  One of the world's most ancient living cities, Varanasi is a spiritual epicenter of the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain traditions.  It is the city of Lord Shiva, a city of light and life as well as a destination for the dying who seek liberation from rebirth. 

DAY 15: Delhi

We spend our final night at a lovely guesthouse in Delhi.  There is time during the day for shopping at Dilli Haat, an elaborate charming market complex, as well as the Cottage Industries Emporium and the Tibetan Marketplace. Options to explore other sites in Delhi as well.  In the evening we have a farewell gala meal and our final gathering to celebrate this great adventure together in India.

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