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Sacred Cites Yoga Tour


  • What does the trip cost and what is included?
    The total in-country cost of the tour will be $4000-5000, depending on costs. This amount covers the following: All lodgings- guesthouses, hotels All ground transportation - rail, car, rickshaw, tonga. Most meals- recommended to bring an additional $300 Yoga instruction throughout Educational programs throughout City walks, cultural performances, local guides and speakers, entry fees Air fare to and from India is not included.
  • What is your refund policy?
    An initial $1000 deposit is due at the time of application. Once accepted on the tour, this amount is non-refundable unless the tour is canceled by Transformative Journeys India, LLC (TJI). After January 1st, 2021, all amounts refundable will depend entirely on amounts refunded to TJI by Indian Railway, guesthouses & hotels, travel guides, and all other providers. After February 1st, unless the tour is canceled by TJI, the entire amount is non-refundable. Please note that all travelers are required to have travelers insurance that covers the cost of the tour should the traveler have to cancel.
  • Do you handle international transportation?
    We do not handle international transportation. The TJI tour operators handle all in-country transport beginning on Day 2 of the tour and ending after our arrival at the guesthouse on Day 15. Travelers will need to fly in and out of Delhi. We recommend arriving at least 24 hours before the start date to accomodate delays and time change adjustments.
  • Do I need a visa? (And how do I get one?)
    Yes! You will need to apply for a visa to enter the country and we recommend applying ASAP. Travelers are solely responsible for obtaining an India Visa. In the past, we have used the following site:
  • How much yoga do we do and how skilled do I need to be?
    We practive yoga and meditation nearly every day of the tour. We accomodate all levels from beginer to advanced.
  • Can I get credit hours with the Yoga Alliance?
    The Sacred Rivers Yoga Tour qualifies for 100 credit hours with Yoga Alliance. There is an additional processing fee of $250 payable directly to Evolve Yoga and Wellness for credit.
  • Do I need to get any vaccines for this trip?
    For up-to-date medical advice, check the Indian Travel Page at the Center for Disease Control. Aside from recommending various immunizations (Hepatitis A, typhoid, polio, tetanus) and antimalarial medication, the Travel Page also talks about simple preventative measures. The Center for Disease Control typically recommends the following vaccines: Hepatitis A or immune globulin (IG) Rabies, owing to the possibility of exposure to wild or domestic animals on the trip. Typhoid vaccination, because of the presence of S. typhi strains resistant to multiple antibiotics in India As needed, booster doses for tetanus-diphtheria and measles A one-time dose of polio for adults Travelers are advised to consider the research and debates concerning the antimalarial Lariam (Mefloquine). The tour-operators themselves use Malarone.
  • Do I need antimalarials?
    The National Center for Disease Control recommends that travelers consult their physicians for a prescription anti-malarial drug. The most widely prescribed antimalarial drug is Mefloquine, whose former brand name is Lariam. Please note that many people complain that Mefloquine can cause disturbing neuro-psychiatric symptoms that can include panic attacks, bizarre dreams, and in far fewer cases hallucinations and psychosis. There are good alternatives to Mefloquine (such as Malarone); please consult your physician about them. Click here for more information on Mefloquine from the Department of Veterans Affaires.
  • Do I need antibiotics?
    We strongly recommend that you speak with your doctor and ask whether s/he recommendsthat you bring a full course (or two) of antibiotics for you to have on hand while in India. The chances of contracting a bug are significantly higher in India than in the States. While you can buy antibiotics over the counter in India, quality control in India is less thorough.
  • Can I eat the food there?
    Eating the food in India is a great part of the experience of the experience. However, on must keep in mind that food sanitation is unreliable. Some travelers suffer nothing worse than an upset stomach, whereas others get ill. Some of this is luck but much of it is not. The biggest health risks on the tour are found in the things that we eat and drink. They are also the things over which we have the most control. Basic Rules Drink bottled water (or use a water purification system). When buying bottled water, be sure that the bottle has not been tampered with. This is the most important rule. Watch out for "hidden" sources of contaminated water, such as ice, wet plates, etc. Hot beverages (tea, coffee, cocoa) and commercial soft drinks are a safe bet. Wash your hands with soap and use hand sanitizer before eating Cooked food should be fresh and hot. If it doesn't taste right, don’t eat it. Eat only at places with high turnover (ensuring that the food doesn't sit around and go bad). Do not buy cooked food from street vendors unless you see it come out of clean boiling oil with your own eyes. Fresh fruits and vegetables must be peeled (by you). Either peel it, cook it, or toss it. If you handle the outside of a fruit (such as a luscious mango), don’t lick your fingers. If you do get ill, tell one of the leaders right away and don’t panic. It’s not pleasant but it should be over by the next day, and you will have gained some greater immunity to local bugs. If you start your antibiotics at the first sign of trouble, you will kill all your intestinal bacteria and protect against further trouble.
  • What should I pack?
    We have created a complete packing list based upon many years of experience leading tours in India. Please click here to download.
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