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The Sacred Cities Yoga Tour

Join us!

On this fifteen-day transformative journey to the spiritual and cultural heart of yoga in India.  Explore three sacred cities along India’s most holy rivers with our expert and highly experienced team: a master yoga trainer and meditation guide, a professor of South Asian Studies and psychotherapist,  and a professional photographer and photo journalist for the tour!

We Invite You!

To profoundly enrich your knowledge and practice of yoga
Through guided practice, educational talks and discussions, and profound encounters with the devotional, mystical, and world-service traditions of yoga in India.  All levels of yoga welcome, from beginner to advanced.

To open yourself to personal transformation through group engagements, self-exploration, and mindful practices to help bring your inner world most fully to the outer flow of this life-changing adventure.

To immerse yourself in Indian culture and spirituality, and so expand your sense of the world and the possibilities of life through educational talks and walks, ongoing discussion, back-alley explorations, vast ceremonies of devotion, guided visits to temples, palaces, and ashrams, cultural presentations on cuisine, music, architecture, and history.  

The journey's Course


We begin our journey in Delhi, the capital city of India, and then travel by train to Haridwar and Rishikesh, where the Holy Ganga - the river goddess -  flows onto the plains.  From there we move to an ashram in Vrindavan, traditional home of Lord Krishna on the Yamuna River.  Next we visit the magnificent Taj Mahal in Agra and then on to the ancient city of Varanasi where we stay on the banks of the Ganga. Throughout the tour there are talks on the cultural and spiritual contexts of yoga, and locally guided heritage walks through major sites and along the back-alleys of each sacred city.  Enjoy special meals, programs, cultural events, and time to explore on your own.  

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 "There is not a day that goes by without a lesson or a memory of my experience in India"

"The trip was magnificent! Scott and Dan guided the tour with knowledge and kindness. In the cities we visited, such as Delhi, Rishikesh, and Haridwar, our days were filled with exciting religious excursions. We visited temples, met with swamis, worshiped with locals at artis (a sacred Hindu fire ceremony), bathed in the holy Ganges river, and gave offerings of puja. I enjoyed immersing myself with the local people and seeing first hand the emotion that is wrapped into their religious expression.  Indians were overwhelmingly welcoming and we struck up conversation anywhere we went." 

"Words cannot describe all the sensations such an adventure has to offer from the exotic smells, the colorful fabrics, the spicy flavors, the beautiful terrain! Most of all, I was humbled to have shared wordless conversations with locals, to have shared deep spiritual moments among strangers, to have shared naan with the locals and walked alongside the tour mates and the wonderful people of India!"

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